Are Madlyn and Colby From ‘The Ultimatum’ Still Together?

Are Madlyn and Colby From 'The Ultimatum' Still Together?

Do you love mess? Then please feast your weary eyes on Netflix’s new reality dating show The Ultimatum, because it’s so messy I’m truly not sure cleanup is possible.

Thus far on the show, we’ve met six couples who all have the same thing in common: one person wants to get married, and one person most certainly does not. So naturally the show hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey decide the best solution to this problem is a qualified therapist to shove everyone into a hotel, make them each date someone from a different couple, and then make them partake in a three-week « trial marriage » with this stranger. Which obviously is the worst (and yet also the best) idea in the world.

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While every original couple’s relationship is tested after what’s essentially a three-week cheating pass, we’re here to talk about Madlyn and Colby. Like, did she accept his proposal? Are they still together? So many questions, but first, a quick TL;DR on their relationship throughout the show:

  • When Madlyn and Colby arrive on The Ultimatumhe is more than ready for marriage and she has a lot of hesitation…and honestly seems all kinds of enthusiastic about dating someone new.
    • Madlyn has a trial marriage with Randall, during which she realizes that her relationship with Colby has a ton of issues. Namely, he annoys her and she thinks he’s a bad listener.
      • Colby has a trial marriage with April, and their vibe is definitely more friendship-based, though they do makeout in bed on their last night together.
        • Madlyn and Colby move back in together for three weeks before they have to decide if they’re getting married, and they basically spend the entire time arguing. Madlyn finds out that Colby kissed a random girl at a club and kept in touch with her, which she’s less than thrilled about.
          • We leave Madlyn and Colby in a pretty rough place thanks to a fight at dinner pre-decision, where she makes it clear marriage is a terrible idea.

            So…are they still together?

            The trailer for The Ultimatum’s final episodes makes it seem like Madlyn turns down Colby’s proposal, but we won’t really find out where they stand until Netflix drops a reunion special. Especially since The Ultimatum ended filming back in May 2021, and obviously a batch can change in a year. Which is where sleuthing comes in. Check out the evidence to judge for yourself.

            Filming ended the second week of May 2021according to Bustle. And we have proof that Colby was Liking Madlyn’s photos up to February 2022:


            As of now, neither Colby nor Madlyn follow each other on Instagram. Which means something happened in the two months between February 2022 and April 2022. Something like, ya know, the premiere of The Ultimatum on Netflix—where these two saw for the first time what happened behind the closed doors of each other’s trial marriages. Oh, and on top of this, they’ve seemingly deleted any pics they had of each other on Insta.

            madlyn and colby


            madlyn and colby


            Colby posted an extremely dramatic and un-chill Insta three days ago. I mean…this caption doesn’t exactly paint the picture of someone who is happy about how they were treated on the reality show they’re currently starring in:

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            So….yeah. Gotta admit the odds do not look fantastic! But all of this social media activity could just be a way to throw viewers off the scent so we all tune into the reunion…which reminds me, you’re gonna want to watch The Ultimatum’s next batch of episodes on April 13.


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